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Latest Distance Awards
Latest Distance Awards
  1. 100 Metres Distance Badge
    100 Metres Distance Badge
    MAR 19
    Scarlett, Dylan, Connie, Jack, Maisie, Sophia-lily, Jensen
  2. 25 Metres Distance Badge
    25 Metres Distance Badge
    APR 19
    Sophie, Harry, Layla, Ava, Oscar, Finn, Daniel, Harry, Grace, Martha and Beau.
  3. 10 Metres Distance Badge
    10 Metres Distance Badge
    Feb 19
    Millie, Tommy, Alfie, Charlie, Lily
  4. 50 Metres Distance Badge
    50 Metres Distance Badge
    MAR 19
    Dylan, Harry, Francesca, Samual, Grace, Tyler, Daniel
  5. 200 Metres Distance Badge
    200 Metres Distance Badge
    JAN 19
    Izzie, Emily and James
  6. 400 Metres Distance Badge
    400 Metres Distance Badge
    JAN 19
    Jonothan, Lucas, Amy, Erin and Katie
  7. 800 Metres Distance Badge
    800 Metres Distance Badge
    JUN 18
  8. 1000 Metres Distance Badge
    1000 Metres Distance Badge
    MAY 18
    Harry, Harrison, Cara and Oscar.
  9. 1 Mile Distance Badge
    1 Mile Distance Badge
    FEB 17
    Danial, Hannah, Kudus and Freya.
  10. 2 Miles Distance Badge
    2 Miles Distance Badge
    JUL 18
  11. 5000 Metres Distance Badge
    5000 Metres Distance Badge
    MAY 18
    Olivia, Jessica and Danial.
  12. 600 Metres Distance Badge
    600 Metres Distance Badge
    APR 18
  13. 2000 Metres Distance Badge
    2000 Metres Distance Badge
    NOV 17
    Isla, Oliver, Cassie, Jasmin and Kathryn.
  14. 4000 Metres Distance Badge
    4000 Metres Distance Badge
    MAY 18
    Louisa, Lucy, Erin and James.
Congratulations to all our members on their distance achievements.
Latest Life Saving Awards
  1. ‘Club Lifesaver’ Award Level 4
    ‘Club Lifesaver’ Award Level 4
    JAN 18
    Talia, Harry, Cara, Oscar and Harrison.
  2. ‘Club Lifesaver’ Award Level 2
    ‘Club Lifesaver’ Award Level 2
    JAN 19
    Sophie, Maia, Jonothan, Charlie, Maddison and Ava
  3. ‘Club Lifesaver’ Award Level 1
    ‘Club Lifesaver’ Award Level 1
    JUL 18
    Amy, Logan, Peter, Ellie, Isabella and Luke.
  4. ‘Club Lifesaver’ Award Level 3
    ‘Club Lifesaver’ Award Level 3
    JUN 18
  5. ‘Club Lifesaver’ Award Level 5
    ‘Club Lifesaver’ Award Level 5
    MAY 18
    Harry, Harrison, Cara and Oscar.
  6. ‘Club Lifesaver’ Award Level 6
    ‘Club Lifesaver’ Award Level 6
    JUL 18
    Cara, Harry, Oscar and Harrison.
  7. ‘Club Silver’ Award
    ‘Club Silver’ Award
    DEC 18
    Norah, Ruby, Chase, Isobel, Lucas, Thomas, Joseph, Erin.
  8. ‘Club Gold’ Award
    ‘Club Gold’ Award
    DEC 18
    Caitlyn, William, Isaac, Rowan, Elinor, Olivia, Dylan
  9. ‘Club Honours’ Award
    ‘Club Honours’ Award
    JAN 18
    Anyia, Freya, Jasmin, Katherine, Cassie, Taylor, Jack, William, Samuel, Luke and Grace.
  10. The RLSS Lifesaving 1 Award
    The RLSS Lifesaving 1 Award
    JUNE 17
    Katie, Robbie, Oliver, Danial, Hannah, Jessica, Freya and Kudus.
  11. Dolphin 1 Certificate
    Dolphin 1 Certificate
    Feb 19
    Millie, Aflie, James, Finn, Tyler, Beau, Charlie, Aston, Jack, Louie
  12. Dolphin 2 Certificate
    Dolphin 2 Certificate
    FEB 19
    Tyler, Lily, Matthew, Beau, Violet, Finn, Lilly, Alfie, Louie, Jack Aston, Charlie
  13. Dolphin 3 Certificate
    Dolphin 3 Certificate
    MAR 19
    Sophie, Grace, Tyler, Finn, Daniel, Josh, Harry, Martha, Harry, Layla and Ava
  14. National Pool Lifeguard Qualification
    National Pool Lifeguard Qualification
    MAR 17
  15. Dolphin 4 Certificate
    Dolphin 4 Certificate
    FEB 19
  16. 'Club Bronze' Award
    'Club Bronze' Award
    FEB 19
    Maddison, Alissa, Loga, Luke, Maia, Jonothan, Charlie, Ava, Sophie, William
  17. The RLSS Lifesaving 2 Award
    The RLSS Lifesaving 2 Award
    OCT 18
    Kudus, Oliver, Megan and Matthew
  18. Dolphin 5 Certificate
    Dolphin 5 Certificate
    MAR 19
    Eva, Archie, Jensen, Marni, Pearl, Connie, Jack, Maisie
  19. The RLSS Lifesaving 3 Award
    The RLSS Lifesaving 3 Award
    DEC 18
    James, Robbie, Jessica, Megan, Matthew, Louisa, Katie, Esther, Erin, Olivia, Lucy
  20. The RLSS Lifes Support Award
    The RLSS Lifes Support Award
    MAR 19
    Olivia, Jessica, Erin, Lucy, Katie, Louisa, Hannah and Sophie
  21. RLSS Rookie Bronze 1
    RLSS Rookie Bronze 1
    FEB 19
    Emily, Izzie, Ruby, Mya
  22. RLSS Rookie Bronze 2
    RLSS Rookie Bronze 2
    FEB 19
    Alex, Katie, Ethan, Lucas, Joseph, Aaron, Charlie, Chloe
Congratulations to all our members on their Life Saving achievements.
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